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ULC was founded because the Lifeguarding profession needed an easier way to manage the constantly-growing number of certifications that most Lifeguards earn.  ULC allows Lifeguards to store unlimited copies of their certification records online for free.

All professional records can be viewed, printed on demand and managed in order to help ensure on time renewal. ULC also offers a validation service for certifications from all agencies including the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the American Lifeguard Association, the National Safety Council, and many other national certifying agencies.

Regardless of the issuing agency, ULC places these certifications on one waterproof, wallet-sized card for verification purposes.

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ULC is a free service designed by lifeguards, for lifeguards!  ULC allows you to manage all your professional credentials online.

Once you create an account, which is free, you’ll be able to upload all your credentials and never have to worry about keeping track of them, ever again. Employers will be able to verify your certifications online, and you won’t have to carry paper copies around with you any more.

You can add new credentials anytime, as you take new courses.  In addition, you can order at any time a professional plastic, waterproof card listing all your verified credentials.  Our main objective is to simplify your life by making all your training records accessible online, 24/7.

The card, issued by ULC, will list up to 6 verified credentials on the back of the card. That way, all aquatics professionals can easily carry with them, at all times, proof of their certifications and training records.

Now, for the first time, you as a water safety professional, will be able to store all your qualifications and credentials online, forever secure.

ULC for instructors

Qualified instructors access the ULC system to update the training records of their students. Professional Lifeguard Instructors have access to enhanced services, allowing them to use the ULC data base to manage their classes and their training activity.

The ULC system was designed with instructors in mind, to make it easy for industry professionals to use best-of-breed practices in their daily activity.

Now instructors associated with any recognized aquatics program can easily manage on one site the credentials of all students who have completed their courses.

How ULC Works is Simple:

ULC provides Lifeguards an easy way to manage all their training records online.

ULC allows instructors to update training records for all students who complete their courses.

ULC allows employers to check online the credentials of candidates.

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A unique service
for Lifeguards

ULC allows you to store copies of all their certification records online—at no charge! Your vital training records can be updated, viewed, and shown to prospective employers. They can be printed on demand, and you can manage your records to help ensure on-time renewal. ULC offers a validation service for certifications from all agencies including the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the American Lifeguard Association, the National Safety Council, and nearly every nationally-recognized certifying agency.

ULC also allows you to create your own, custom ULC certification card. Printed on high-quality waterproof plastic, it will display your certifications, regardless of the issuing agency. Rather than having to carry multiple documents, now you can have one wallet-sized card which will be widely accepted for verification purposes.

Today’s Professional Lifeguard needs to be able to show proof of current certifications at all times. For Lifeguards working in the health safety industry, monitoring a certification portfolio can become very difficult at times, but is legally required to ensure that all certifications are current.

Imagine having all-important certifications verified and listed on one neat and indestructible card. Our system will allow you to view and download copies of all original certifications on file with ULC with any electronic device. ULC also offers a verification service through a national independent third party. This verification is included on your certification card for health departments and employers to see.

Online Registration of Training Records
for Instructors

Professional Aquatic Instructors can register with ULC to allow them to manage online their courses and their students.  As their classes finish, they can automatically update students’ training records online.

Instructors are able to order ULC cards for all students in their classes, thereby issuing them a professional wallet card which they can use to prove their course completion.

About universal lifeguard certification

The ULC card is endorsed by
the American Lifeguard Association,
the Swimming Pool and Spa Association™,
and Global Lifeguards, a 501© nonprofit agency.

Combined, these three organizations make up one of the
largest worldwide aquatic consortiums.

Free Online Credential Verification
for Employers

If you are an employer or government agency looking for an easy way to verify lifeguard certification, our free online certification management system is made for you. With it, you can access and view any individual’s records at any time. By just entering the name and Date-of-Birth of an applicant, you can immediately check online his or her credentials. You may even see a scanned copy of each document, right on your computer screen.

As a reminder, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their staff is currently certified in all necessary areas. With the ULC system, this responsibility can be easily managed by our third-party notification system, which can emails employers when an individual’s certification is up for renewal or has expired.

The ULC system can even alert you in advance that one or more of your certifications are up for renewal, which will help prevent a lapse in coverage. Failing to keep up on certifications is not only a life-threatening concern to the general public, but it is also legally required throughout all times of employment.

Today, more and more state and local codes are changing to require all Lifeguards to display certifications to the general public. This reassures the public that a trained professional is on duty, and one who proudly display his or her qualifications. Our waterproof, wallet-sized card can be easily affixed to the Lifeguard uniform. ULC creates a new safety benchmark in the Lifeguard Profession.

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